The count of monte cristo book report

The Count of Monte Cristo: Summary & Analysis

Caderousse, in his death bed, signs a note saying Benedetto was his murderer. Sail on dear, Dantes! After Dantes was arrested he managed to get Mercedes and marry her. Villefort took the fault and decided to forgive his wife, but she already killed herself and her son.

This book was extremely exiting to read. As the man lay dying, Monte Cristo exposed his true name- Edmond Dantes. While in prison, he was determined to escape and began digging a tunnel in hopes that it would lead to freedom. Fernand Mondego helped Danglars accuse Dantes.

I also liked the way in which he spoke and conducted himself. I, like him, feel very strongly about a girl and I cannot be with her. Valentina was also poisoned but she knew she was the next victim so she protected herself.

The first who the Count of Monte Cristo targets is Danglars. To silence Dantes, he sentences him to life imprisonment without trial. He sold a small part of it to be able to buy a boat and come back for the rest of it. A storm started and the ship from which he was thrown off was sunk and the crew was dead.

In the end of the novel the two of them found happiness in each other. Every man has his rise and his downfall. The Count decided to watch over her and saved her from being poisoned.

The Count of Monte Cristo Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report

His greed was so strong that he rather starved than gave money for food. Dantes decided to help him and save him by paying off his debts.

He is one of the most successful French writers, his write up have been translated to almost hundred languages.The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by French author Alexandre Dumas (père) completed in It is one of the author's most popular works, along with The Three Musketeers/5(K).

The Count of Monte Cristo Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report This story takes place in the early s in Marseilles, France. Edmond Dantes, the main character of the story, is introduced coming into the port aboard the Pharaon, a big ship.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Free summary and analysis of the events in Alexandre Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo that won't make you snore. We promise. In a book of true stories from Dumas’ life, Dumas stated that the events of The Count of Monte Cristo were inspired by real events involving a shoemaker named Pierre Picard.

Considered a classic of French literature, it is still widely taught around the world today and has been adapted countless times into film, television, opera, and stage. The Count of Monte Cristo The book by Alexander Dumas is a popular novel of love, envy, greed and revenge.

It is a story of an underdog who, because of his. “The Count Monte Cristo” is Dumas’s most famous work. It was written in and published in sequels during the next two years.

The plot is taking place before and after Napoleon’s reign from to

The count of monte cristo book report
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